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Two Men Acting On Stage

During my years of auditioning for drama school, I was tripped up so many times by being underprepared. I hadn’t read the play, didn’t know what had happened in the scene just before and had no idea what my objectives were. Since then I worked hard and got into Central, but I want to make sure that no one makes the same mistakes by not preparing. So here are a bunch of questions I was asked over the years about my speeches so you can be better prepared for your auditions.


  1. Who is your character talking to?
  2. Why are they talking to this person? What has just happened?
  3. How do they feel about this person? What is their relationship?
  4. How old is your character? What has happened to them to get them to where they are right now?
  5. What does your character want from the person they are talking to? Why are they opening their mouth?
  6. How are you affecting the other character? What do you want them to do?
  7. What does your character want from the scene? What are they trying to achieve?
  8. What does your character want from life?


  1. Where are you physically? (front room, restaurant etc)
  2. What is the climate like? Are they cold/hot? comfortable/uncomfortable?
  3. What time of day is it?
  4. What have they been doing up until this point? Are they tired/sad/exhausted? Have they been through all of this before? 
  5. What does the place you’re in look like?
  6. Are there other people in the space? Do you want them to hear/not hear what you’re saying?
  7. Are you out in the elements? Are you struggling to be heard?
  8. Are you in a battlefield? How are you going to connect with multiple people in the space and how are you going to deliver your text?


  1. Who wrote the play?
  2. When was it written?
  3. What was happening at the time? (political landscape, what major events may have influenced the play?)
  4. Why did you choose this play?
  5. What happens in the play? 
  6. What are the major turning points in the play?
  7. What has your character's journey been like throughout the play?

We are always on our Instagram DM’s for advice so please feel free to drop us a message if you need any advice or have any questions about applying!

Tasha x

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