Our Story

A drama school student business originally started to fund our founders studies has now grown to be one of the best-loved theatre gift companies, creating custom performer journals for some of the worlds most famous actors.

From a dusty locker

Hey there, my name is Tash, I'm the founder of TheLovieDiaries and I started this business back in my first year studying acting at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I couldn't afford to be there; I was bunking the train every day to make ends meet before my business brainwave saved my life!

  • October 2019

    I painstakingly designed every page of the now insta-famous 'Actor Life' journals. I scrimped £40 together to get a couple of books printed and built a website to sell them on.

  • March 2020

    We'd sarted getting a few sales and then lock down hit! During my first break I ramped up our social media and marketing and we started getting noticed.

  • May 2020

    We send a custom journal to our idol (Dame Judi Dench) and she sent us the most beautiful words of encouragement! This spurred us on to create even more journals.

  • June 2020

    Pop-up at Covent Garden! We opened our first pop-up at Cov.G - during the pandemic this was HARD and we made no money but still lugged our books up there every day in the rain!

  • October 2020

    Our partnership with Waterstones began! We sold our first book through the store and have continued to work hard on this ever since.

  • 2021

    By 2021 we had over five journals on our store, over 4,000 books sold worldwide and a partnership with Foyles, Waterstones and Gene & Rita!

    We also won the stART Enterprise award for Central!

  • 2022

    We launched a musical theatre board game! We're finally about to graduate and have huge plans for 2022 including Musical Theatre Con and a trip to the USA!

What's important to us

Humbled and Hungry

Our community has backed us and helped us to grow from day one and we are forever grateful for that support!

We've never been so determined to make this business a success in order to give back to the people that got us where we are today. #Humbled&Hungry

Working class

We are working-class and proud! In three years we have been able to pay for 3 x working class students' drama school audition fees (from our own pocket and often from my own student loan...) as well as giving away over 20 free journals to help make opportunities more equitable in the arts.

Natasha: "My main mission with this business is to help make the arts more accessible to working-class artists. I was a working-class student and if it wasn't for this business I would have been forced to give up my place at Central, I'm now using this business to make sure no-one else is in that position"

Equitable access

Information and opportunities should be the same for everyone trying to get into the arts, but it isn't. That's why we create journals that take people step-by-step through each niche in the industry. It's also why we interview industry professionals and share the information for free to help more people get a chance in this space.

Supporting artists

The arts can feel like a lonely place and often we feel like the only people going through things. That's why we have a commitment on our channels to be as honest and truthful about what we experience in the industry as possible.

We provide a safe space for people to grieve drama school rejections, celebrate successes and ask questions they wouldn't normally feel comfortable to ask.

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