where it all began

Back in 2019 I was accepted in the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama - this was HUGE but I just couldn't afford my place. I was 26, had a mortgage and a life to support, I was working every hour that god sent but it wasn't enough.

I started designing every page of the Actor Life journal by hand in our first term break, by the January we had a prototype and almost a year later we've gone from selling journals out of my dusty locker to shipping thousands internationally to some of the world's most famous actors...it's crazy!

I'm still trying to complete my degree and running a business at the same time definitely has its challenges(!), but I'm so grateful for the incredible support we've received so far!


Over 3,000 journals sold worldwide

Over 3,000 creatives in our community

Judi Dench is a fan! (we adore you, we are not worthy)

We got our first home at Covent Garden!

We launched our own Theatre Magazine!

Over £500 raised for Acting for Others

We managed to pay for one actress' drama school audition fee's

Over 100 journals given away for free

15 Brand ambassadors

Store partnership with Gene & Rita

dame judi dench review | Actor Life

"I have been so thrilled with mine I am now spreading the word! They deserve to sell like wildfire. For me an inveterate list maker they are absolutely invaluable & the print is so perfect for my eyesight"

- Dame Judi Dench