Where to find audition speeches or scenes for showreels?

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On the hunt for a decent script but have no idea where to look? We gotchu 🙌 The hardest thing about auditioning and creating a decent showreel, is finding material that is right for you and your casting. There’s also the added element of having to pay for scripts before you’ve read them…so trawling through and finding the right one can be really costly!


So we’ve put together our favourite sources for audition scripts and scenes for showreels so you don’t have to! Don’t forget…everything is coming BACK 🤩 so now is the time to look for speeches and get some decent tapes down ready to hit the ground running.

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1) BBC Scripts

Great for searching by genre into some of the Beeb’s recent scripts and screenplays.

2) Script Slug 

Latest scripts include Oscar nominated ‘Nomadland’, ‘Roma’ and a whole host of other incredible screenplays.

3) Go Into the Story

A great resource for downloading some of the worlds most famous movie scripts.


Linked to IMDB a great resource for looking at screenplays.

5) SimplyScripts 

Great for a wide range of scripts as well as scripts written in a different language to English.

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6) Drew’s Script-o-Rama

Great for showing different versions of scripts, including first drafts, so you can see how the script evolved over time.

7) AwesomeFilm 

Another great resource for high profile screenplay text! (and...it really is awesome).

8) Screenplays For You

Great for searching by genre for the script you need, includes both award winning dramas and blockbuster films.

9) The Screenplay Database

Search by script or genre to easily find the text you’re looking for.

10) The Daily Script

Perfect for searching for TV and movie scripts, easy to use and simple layout!

11) The Script Lab

Perfect for more recent screenplays, and searching via year so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

12) Movie Scripts and Screenplays

Long list of manuscripts to quickly and easily find the script you’re looking for.

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