5 Best Practices for Audition Season: Advice from Fellow Actors

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We can't believe it's nearly August - and this can only mean one thing. Audition season is on it's way!

Auditioning for drama school can bring an influx of mixed emotions. Anticipation. Excitement. Nerves. In the lead up to the big day, you're going to want to be as organised and prepared as possible. To help, we've put together some of the best advice from your fellow actors.

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5 Best Practices for Audition Season

1. "At all stages, be open to direction."

Whilst judges want to see what you have worked on, they also want to see if you can work with their advice and guidance, to ensure you're the right fit for their school. It's therefore super important to be flexible with your work, and to make sure you don't get stuck in one way of performing your speech. They'll ask you to perform it multiple different ways at the later stages, so be ready to be spontaneous and to go with your gut. 

2. "Don't fear rejection - embrace it and let it drive you!"

It's easy to fall into a pit of embarrassment, self-doubt and frustration when you come by rejection. Although it's hard to focus on the positives of rejection when that moment hits, it's important to remember that no one makes it 'first time' - and we need rejection in order to grow. When one door closes, another opens, right? 

3. "Everyone in the room is just as nervous as you are, don't be put off if some people seem more confident than you may feel."

We've all been in that audition room. You look around, everyone is either overwhelmingly chilled out, chatty and enthusiastic, or sat staring off at their notes or their phones. It's a weird vibe, knowing your potential competition is sat just across from you. Although it might not seem obvious, try to remember that everyone in the room is as nervous as you are. Further, even if you genuinely are more nervous, that doesn't mean you're any less capable or good. Nerves can heighten your performance and emotions. Embrace the nerves and stay focused on what's to come. 

4. "You're going to school to learn, so don't worry about not being perfect."

No one expects you to be bringing a perfect version of yourself to your audition. We go to drama school to learn from the experts, to grow and improve. If you're already perfect, why apply!? Audition season is all about showing your potential, bringing your best performance and finding the right school for you. Remember: You're auditioning for them just as much as they're auditioning for you. 

5. "When the moment comes, let go of all the preparation you've done and just play."

Whilst preparing and being organised will potentially help you feel more relaxed and de-stressed in the lead up to the audition, it's imperative you let yourself be in the moment when you're in the room. Focusing too hard on your prep, whilst also being overwhelmed with nerves, might lead to putting extra pressure on yourself to not forget lines or hit the perfect note. The most important take-home is to enjoy it! Audition season is something you'll remember forever, so make sure you take in your surroundings and have fun! 

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