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Film Lover Life Journal

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Film Life is the ULTIMATE gift for all film fans with over 200+ pages celebrating the love of film! Each page has been specifically designed to enhance your passion for cinema! From recommendations to film festivals, review pages and film A-Z pages, let's take a look at what's inside our latest product:

  • A-Z of films to see (by genre)
  • A-Z of directors to know (with top films listed)
  • A-Z of franchises to see
  • Film quizzes
  • Checklist of greatest cinemas to visit
  • Cinema trip review pages
  • Cinema ticket stubs pages
  • Cinema trip planning pages
  • List of innovative film companies
  • World film festivals
  • Moments that made film history

Designed by film lovers, for film lovers. This journal is perfect for film buff's everywhere, helping them to celebrate and recount the wonder of film.

    Whats inside?

    * Audition trackers
    * How to apply
    * Interview questions
    * Advice from graduates and audition panellists
    * How to choose a speech
    * Classical/Contemporary speech suggestions
    * Character breakdown sheetsDifferences in training
    * Fees & funding
    * Audition fee waivers
    * Script breakdowns
    * Audition feedback sheets

    Is this right for me?

    This journal was made in collaboration with students, graduates and panellists from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


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