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Musician Life (Softback)

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Musician Life journals come with over 200+ pages set to help you manage both your creativity and productivity. With pages specifically designed to support every aspect of your Musician Life including:

  • Personal goals
  • Passwords and admin
  • Musical inspiration
  • Chords
  • Blank chord sheets
  • Long term planning pages
  • Weekly planners
  • Invoice trackers
  • To Do lists
  • Gig booking forms
  • Set list planners
  • Event review pages
  • Song writing pages
  • Mood boards and inspo
  • Vocal warm ups
  • Physical warm ups
  • Notes and contacts

Designed by musicians, for musicians. This journal is perfect musicians and singers/singer-songwriters so whether you've been gigging all your life or just starting out, the Musician Life journals will help you boss your music goals.

    Whats inside?

    * Audition trackers
    * How to apply
    * Interview questions
    * Advice from graduates and audition panellists
    * How to choose a speech
    * Classical/Contemporary speech suggestions
    * Character breakdown sheetsDifferences in training
    * Fees & funding
    * Audition fee waivers
    * Script breakdowns
    * Audition feedback sheets

    Is this right for me?

    This journal was made in collaboration with students, graduates and panellists from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


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